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Save $200 on a supercharged Blendtec blender bundle

The elite 10-speed blender comes with two jars, three lids and a spatula for just $250.


Beyond the ability to blend the heck out of just about anything, including dense ingredients, a quality power blender will typically last you longer since it doesn't use much of its total force to do daily jobs like soups and smoothies. If you do a lot of blending (or plan to start), springing for an upscale model is a worthy kitchen investment. As we speak, a powerful Blendtec Total 10-speed blender with loads of accessories including two jars and three lids is marked down $200 to just $250 at Best BuyAmazon has matched the price in case you prefer to buy it there. According to the retailer's price tracker, it's never been cheaper.

In terms of its performance, Blendtec is up there with other elite blender brands such as Vitamix, Ninja and Breville. The Blendtec Total brings big power -- 1560-watts of commercial-grade motor to be exact -- as well as speed and control to whip frozen foods and dense ingredients. In addition to the main wildside jar, you'll get a twister jar perfect for blending bread, cookie crumbs, nut butter and hummus.

It'll even pulverize raw nuts and grains for easy nut milk or to make flour from scratch. If you need some proof of Blendtec's prowess, check out the wildly popular Will it Blend? video series, in which Blendtec takes everything from whole chickens to smartphones for a spin inside the various models. 

With a 3 peak horsepower motor -- which I believe is more than my first car -- you won't have to question if it can handle a blend, and you can really nail consistency down to the finest grades. (Though the truth about horsepower in blenders is a little more complicated than the numbers imply.)