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Best Generators Deals for 2022: Save Up to $600 on Small, Midsized and Large Generators

Find deals on the best generators to power your RV, apartment or home.

Unpredictable weather, like extreme thunderstorms or tornadoes, can leave your home without electricity. As hurricane season hits Puerto Rico and other states in the South, it's important to think about backup emergency measures to ensure you have basic necessities. Having a generator can make a huge difference in an emergency. 

Whether you need a generator for camping or you want to power all of your lights and appliances when the power cuts out, there are thousands of generators out there to suit your electrical needs. We've rounded up the great deals on generators of all different sizes. 

You'll want to consider what running wattage you want in your generator. Some smaller generators are good for powering electronics or keeping lights on. If you want to keep your entire home running, however, you might want to invest in a larger generator. Check out some of the best deals available right now.

Small generators

The Home Depot

This power station is perfect for powering TVs, fans, refrigerators and small electronics. It's ideal for indoor use and has zero emissions. It can charge up to four Ryobi 40-volt batteries and is compatible with over 75 Ryobi power tool products. This comes with a five-year warranty.

Midsized generators

The Home Depot

This generator offers 4,500 watt-hour power and is perfect for camping, RVs and tailgating. It can power lights and household appliances like refrigerators, freezers and fans during any power outage or emergency event. Duromax has a whole lineup of generators of all different wattages.

Large generators


If you're looking for a durable standby generator, look no further than this 22-kilowatt backup generator that delivers at least 19,000 running wattage per hour. It uses liquid propane or natural gas, weighs 476 pounds and comes with a five-year limited warranty. You can control how much energy you use and you can monitor the status of this generator from your phone.

Solar-powered generators

Home Depot

Get free electricity in two different ways with this solar-powered generator. The first is the sun and the second is through a wind generator port (wind generators purchased separately). The battery pack converts 12-volt electricity to normal household electricity without requiring any gas to run. Unless you have a large system of solar-powered generators, the wattage on these are less than fuel-run generators.

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