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Thursday deals: Just $15 for a well-rated coffee maker or popcorn machine

Plus Crock-Pot's answer to the Instant Pot is down to $40 for today only.

I'm certain I've paid at least close to $15 for a single, fancy coffee house latte with trendy nut milk in a stylish cup. In my more practical moments, an economically home-brewed cup of quality coffee made in the comfort of my kitchen is still one of life's great pleasures. Right now you can catch this Bella 5-cup drip coffee maker for just $15 (yes, $15) at Best Buy. Also for $15, you can add this cherry red Bella popcorn maker to your lineup of kitchen gadgets and give movie night a lift. Lastly, for just $40 Crock-Pot's version of the Instant Pot is down to $40 (originally $100). It's a dream for nailing impossibly easy weeknight dinners that taste like they took hours.


The Bella 5-cup drip coffee maker is a no-nonsense way to deliver caffeine for the entire house and scores high marks in verified-purchase reviews. It features a handy brew-pause function to snag a cup before the pot is done and a warmer that'll keep the coffee hot through to the last cup.


Considering theaters are mostly off the table in a lot of places, snagging a popcorn maker to replicate that night-at-the-movies charm is a good call and $15 is about as inexpensive as you'll find one. 


If you're ready to dip your toe into the multicooker universe, this $40 6-quart Crock-Pot multicooker is a seriously good deal. It does everything your average Instant Pot does -- sear, sauté, pressure cook, slow cook, steam, warm -- but for about half the price. It's safe, easy to use and scores high marks in purchase reviews on Best Buy. 

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