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Athletic Deals: Snag New Apparel and Shoes From Nike, Puma and More

Stock up on the latest athletic gear today.

There are so many sportswear retailers with huge deals right now that it's a great time to swap out your old clothes for new ones. While some deals are better than others, depending on where your brand loyalty rests, you'll still walk away with something new or at least something for someone else you're shopping for.  

Among the deals I've found are a variety of permadeals, clearance sales and fresh spring sales. If you're a fan of Reebok, Adidas, Under Armour and a host of other well-known athletic brands, you'll love these deals. Read on for more on these bargains and head over to these retailers before these offers end.


This deal on new markdowns is pretty much a permadeal at this point. Nike shoes and athletic gear are both 40% off their regular prices. There's no end date or code for this sale and both adults and kids items are available. The most affordable apparel are kid accessories, but adult clothing and accessories are not too far off. Since this one isn't urgent, you can take your time perusing it.


The 50% off sale at Adidas is another offer on new markdowns that's valid online and in-store. While exclusions apply, there are shoes, clothes and accessories among the 2,000 products on sale. Both adults and children are catered to and there's even unisex options, mostly in the form of accessories and shoes. There's no end date for this deal and it typically is a permadeal of sorts, but how much you can save might change, so shop early. 


Today is the last day to get 30% off using the offer code SPRING30. There are over 1,000 items on sale, broken down by shoes, clothing and accessories. The clothing and shoe options are pretty good and if you want to dress any child you know in head-to-toe Puma, there are options for them as well.

Under Armour

This deal from Under Armour ends March 31. When you use the offer code SPRING25, you'll get 25% off outlet items on orders of $75 or more. The only exclusion to this deal is that the code only works for the apparel on sale that's tagged in red. That said, similar to the other deals, both adults and children have options to choose from.


Reebok's spring sale doesn't have an end date, but unlike some of the other deals happening right now, this one will certainly end. The first deal is an offer for up to 35% off, plus an extra 50% off using the code SPRING at checkout. The other deal is three items for $80 using the code TRIPLE. Items on sale for both of these deals overlap.