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Zune updates Originals store with new designs

Microsoft's Zune Originals online store offers custom engraving and is one of the only ways to purchase a Zune MP3 player in certain colors.

Photo of Zune 16 with custom artwork.
Here's a tip. If you want your Zune Originals etching to appear as silver on black, you'll need to grab a model with a black backplate like the black Zune 16 or Zune 120.

If you're going to go with an underdog like Zune, you may as well let your freak flag fly high by getting your player engraved. The Zune Originals online store, which went live last year, allows you to order your Zune MP3 player directly and receive an engraving of artwork or custom text on the back of the device.

There are new designs to select from, as well as new colors and capacities of third-generation Zune. While the Zune Originals engraving launched as a free service last year, the customization will now cost you an extra $10-$15 (depending on your design) on top of the retail price of your Zune.

It may be worth it, however, since Microsoft is stating that the only way for customers to currently get their hands on red, green, pink, and blue versions of the new 16GB Zune is to order directly through the Zune Originals online storefront. Brick and mortar stores will only be seeing the black versions of the new 16GB and 120GB third-generation Zunes (at least, for now).