Zune HD getting weekend demo at Best Buy

Microsoft's Zune HD portable media player will be demonstrated at select Best Buy store locations over this upcoming weekend.

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Donald Bell

Photo of Zune HD MP3 player
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Does the thought of being in the same room with Microsoft's Zune HD make your voice crack and your palms sweat? Are you having a hard time controlling your Zune enthusiasm around friends and loved ones, alienating those close to you by incessantly quoting hardware specifications and battery life benchmarks?

The Zune HD's September 15 release date may feel like an eternity, but thankfully, the folks at Nvidia and Best Buy are offering Zune devotees and curious looky-loos a chance to see the Zune HD in-person this weekend.

An announcement from Nvidia (PDF) shows a schedule of dates and times that the Zune HD will be demo'd at select Best Buy locations over the weekend. If you plan on going, be sure to double-check the date, since some of the demos are on Saturday the 22nd, and others are on Sunday the 23rd.

(Via Engadget)