Zune 120 goes red and blue (what, no white?)

Microsoft releases two new colors of their Zune 120 MP3 player in time for the holidays.

Donald Bell Senior Editor / How To
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Donald Bell

Photo of blue Zune 120.
You can now grab the Zune 120 in blue or red, but only by ordering direct from Microsoft's Zune Originals online store. Zune Originals

If last week's Zune vs. iPod Prizefight has you thinking about grabbing a Zune 120 for the holidays, you've now got a few extra color options to consider. Blue and red versions of the Zune 120 have been added to Microsoft's Zune Originals online store, offered at the same $249 price as the original black model.

If you want to get hands on one of the new Zune colors in time for the holidays, you'll have to order direct and you'll need to place your order by December 19th (let's hope there isn't a repeat of that Valentines fiasco). A word of advice: if you're going to bite the bullet on paying full retail price and ordering direct, you may as well take advantage of the online store's etching service, which added 12 new designs back in November.

Rumor has it that a white version of the Zune 120 is also in the works, after a diligent Zunester spotted the color option in the code of the latest Zune software update. Personally, I'm waiting for the retro brown edition? No, seriously, I want to match my headphones.

(via Zune Insider)