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Battle the undead from a zombie-proof cabin through Kickstarter

A shed-building company plans to build its zombie-proof cabin on the site of a Zombie Infection attraction, with help from backers willing to settle for temporary security from the undead hordes.

A render of what the cabin may look like. Tiger Sheds

Last year, Tiger Sheds in the UK introduced plans for a zombie-proof log cabin with a delightfully unenforceable 10-year anti-zombie guarantee.

It offered to actually provide the kit for a motivated buyer, but nobody showed up with a spare £69,995 (about $113,000, AU$129,000) to fund the project. Now Tiger Sheds is hoping a whole bunch of people will pitch in to make the cabin real.

Tiger turned to Kickstarter with a campaign called "The World's First Zombie Proof Cabin." Again, that's a claim that can't be tested anywhere except in a fictional universe like "The Walking Dead" where zombies (excuse me, I mean "walkers") roam.

Unfortunately, none of the pledge slots will get you a zombie-proof cabin in your backyard. The project is in conjunction with Zombie Infection, a UK zombie survival experience company. The idea is to build the Tiger Sheds cabin on Zombie Infection property and bring customers in to battle zombies in heart-thumping fashion. A £60 pledge (roughly $95, AU$130) gets you a preview tour of the infection site and cabin. A £200 pledge ($310, AU$425) gets you a couple of tickets for a special launch night event. Pricier pledges involve overnight zombie events.

The zombie fortification cabin, dubbed the ZFC-1, includes all sorts of amenities to get people through an Armageddon of reanimated dead people. It has a barbed-wire enclosure, a garden area, reinforced slit windows, an upper deck, a toilet, a microwave and an Xbox so you can hone your skills with zombie video games when you're not fighting actual zombies. Paying to go to a zombie experience and then spending the time playing videogames instead seems like a strange choice, but maybe it's for reluctant guests.

The campaign is slowly shuffling toward its $183,962 goal. It just launched and has 29 days left to run. Keep in mind that not all crowdfunding projects deliver on time or as expected.

If the project is successful, backers will have to fund their own trips to participate in the zombie experience, but it may be just the ticket for "Walking Dead" fans who aren't content to just sit back and watch the fear unfold from the safety of their sofas. Non-UK-based zombiephiles can probably find something closer to home, like a zombie cruise or shooting zombies from a train, or VR entertainment.