Zelda fireplace insert: Legend in your living room

You may not be able to run through the fields of Hyrule, but you can at least drag a little bit of the Zelda universe into your own home with a custom Zelda fireplace insert.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Zelda fireplace
Come on, baby, light my Zelda fire. JamesBit

Etsy seller JamesBit is encouraging video game fans to warm their cockles in front of a Zelda fireplace insert. This fire is old-school Zelda, full of blocky bits of red, orange, and white.

Zelda fire painting
Pick a size, any size. (Click to enlarge.) JamesBit

The fireplace art piece is acrylic on your choice of canvas or wood. Just remember that either of those materials is flammable. Be sure to remove your Zelda fire to a safe distance before lighting a real fire in your fireplace.

JamesBit suggests placing the painting in a non-working or decorative fireplace, but don't let that limit you. It could be just as geeky hanging on your wall or warming your unused Wii console.

Having a Zelda fire painting is like having a secret handshake among gamers from back in the day.

If someone comes into your house and says, "Nice Zelda fire," you know you'll become good gaming buddies, sharing stories of Nintendo consoles past and admitting to still having a working Atari system in the closet.

Your very own custom-painted Zelda fire will put you back $150, but the price may vary depending on the size of your fireplace. That might seem like a lot, but think of it as the cost of just three new video games.

(Via Wil Wheaton)