Your traditional Black Friday Walmart gadget brawl footage

Somehow, the early beginning to Black Friday shopping didn't deter people from storming after their favorite gadget bargains.

Chris Matyszczyk
And so the police intervene. TheBlackhawk715/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You might still be digesting your meal of vast gratitude.

Indeed, you might have barely begun to digest it when many of your fellow humans lined up outside America's retailers to express their buyer's enthusiasm.

For Black Friday came early on Thanksgiving this year.

Which means the fights over gadgets at Walmart did too.

A quick trawl of YouTube already reveals at least one brawl.

At this unnamed Walmart, there is frenzy beyond Bieberism. Yes, this is consumerism.

There are cheap TVs to be had, and many people are desperate to have them.

Shouts of "STOP!" are heard. But who can stop when the bargains are this good? Who can even muster any sense of control when Thanksgiving can be made more meaningful with one little purchase of a big TV?

So it is left to the police to restore order.

Two officers pin a woman to the ground, presumably for the offense of having torn the TV from another woman's grasp.

A lady from Walmart shouts, apparently toward the person filming this pastoral scene.

"STOP! STOP NOW!!" she screams.

You might think this was an isolated incident, but, as the Sun reports, one police officer was taken to a hospital after a skirmish at the Walmart in Rialto, Calif.

The store had decided to open even earlier than its scheduled 8 p.m. because 3,000 people had already gathered for the communal feasting on bargains.

Perhaps they should rename it Black Eye Friday.