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Your next road trip should stop at this 'Doctor Who'-themed restaurant

The Pandorica restaurant in Beacon, N.Y., might not house the most dangerous man in the universe, but its "Doctor Who"-themed design will draw humans, Daleks, and Time Lords alike.

The Pandorica opens...every day at 11 to serve you Madame de Pompadour Sponge Cake.The Pandorica Restaurant/Facebook

In the BBC series "Doctor Who," The Pandorica is the ultimate prison designed to house the most dangerous man in the universe. In Beacon, N.Y., however, it's a charming restaurant with decor, artwork, and even food items inspired by characters and locations in the series.

Also unlike the prison, the Pandorica Restaurant opens every day at 11 a.m. to serve lunch and dinner items to fellow Whovians. A sampling of items you can order include K-9s (mini corn dogs with honey mustard), the Big Bang 2 (two bangers flamed with Stroh's rum), "Fish" fingers and custard (french toast sticks served with custard), and the Madame de Pompadour Sponge Cake. The entire menu itself is fashioned after the Tardis, as are the restroom doors, and there's a giant painting of the exploding Tardis hanging on the back wall.

It's the perfect restaurant for your favorite "Doctor Who" fan, and it's located just an hour and a half outside of New York City. For more images of the restaurant, check out Reddit user jacquelinesarah's gallery on imgur. Allons-y.

(Via Reddit, The Mary Sue)