Yahoo is on the move again: Inks acquisition deal with Rivals.com

Yahoo signs an acquisition deal with Rivals.com and continues to shake up their spot in the industry.

Harrison Hoffman
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Harrison Hoffman

Only days after getting a new CEO, Yahoo has already made a great acquisition. Yahoo announced yesterday that they are acquiring college sports website, Rivals. The subscription based website has become the standard for college sports news over the past few years.

Rivals will be a great supplement to the already popular Yahoo Sports. There is no doubt that Rivals is excited about the deal. In their statement they said, "For all of our current readers and community members, we believe this agreement means that you can expect an even better experience in the future. We will have the best engineering team in the business and it will allow us to create more and more products and services that true sports fans want."

As for those who are calling for Yahoo's suitors to come forward, I think that Yahoo would be wise to ride out this wave of news and hype to see how it all will ultimately effect the company. Maybe we will even see Yahoo take a stab at acquiring Facebook again under their new CEO. Given this recent news, it's nice to see that Yahoo is on the move again or at least is trying to shake things up.