Yahoo getting the scoop on MSN?

Yahoo is hiring Scott Moore, the founding publisher of Microsoft's former online magazine Slate, according to Web log PaidContent.org.

Jim Hu Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Jim Hu
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Jim Hu

Scott Moore, the first publisher of Microsoft's online magazine Slate, and former general manager of MSNBC.com, is leaving the software giant and heading south to Yahoo, according to the blog Paid Content. Moore most recently worked on initiatives for the MSN Web portal, such as MSN Video, according to the blog.

Yahoo and Microsoft representatives contacted did not immediately comment on whether the report is true.

If Moore is joining Yahoo, he will become the Web giant's latest hire from the editorial world. Last November, Yahoo hired Neil Budde, a newspaper veteran who was the founding editor and publisher of the Wall Street Journal Online edition. Budde is reporting to Craig Forman, Yahoo's vice president of information and finance, and a former editor at the Wall Street Journal as well.

In recent weeks, Yahoo has also begun scoping out candidates to beef up its media and content businesses based in Santa Monica, Calif. Lloyd Braun, a former ABC veteran who joined the company in November, will head the company's content efforts in Southern California.