Xbox's original beast of a controller making a comeback?

The original Xbox controller, nicknamed "Duke," may be making a short-lived return with announcement of the original Halo HD remake.

Jeff Bakalar Editor at Large
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Jeff Bakalar
Jeff Bakalar/CNET

Anyone who purchased the original Xbox during its launch window quickly came to know its behemoth of a controller, now nicknamed "Duke." This massive beast was barely capable of being handheld because of its anti-ergonomic dysfunctions and wacky button placement.

With Microsoft's announcement that a remastered HD version of Halo: Combat Evolved would be hitting the Xbox 360, we were instantly transported to that awkward time of figuring out which one of our fingers was supposed to reach for those black and white buttons.

Apparently we weren't the only ones. According to Giant Bomb, 343 Industries (the team pushing out the remake) has been in talks with entities that could very well bring Duke back for another go around. Don't expect anything available in stores anytime soon, but it's possible the controller could make an appearance at this year's Halo Fest game show.

For those of you who experienced Duke first hand, what memories come to mind?