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X marks the Christmas tree, with new Mulder and Scully ornament

The dapper FBI agents are just the beginning. You can also deck the halls with Ripley, Michonne and Baby Groot.

If you plan to geek out this Christmas, the truth is out there.

Now you can deck your halls with an "X-Files" ornament from Hallmark depicting agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully dressed in their dapper best. The ornament (on sale Oct. 7) even plays a snippet of the spooky "X-Files" theme, because Mulder wants to believe ... in Santa.

I want to believe in nerdy knickknacks.


Oh yes, you know an X-Phile that you can email this article to, right? Maybe it's you?

If "X-Files" isn't your nerdy novelty of choice, you can still geek up the tree (or your mantel, or desk, if Christmas trees aren't your thing). Hallmark also has Ripley from "Aliens" in her Power Loader (also available Oct. 7).

Get away from her, you elf.


Or maybe defend your tree's boughs with Michonne from "The Walking Dead" (available Oct. 7).

All I want for Christmas is a katana sharpener.


But the best might just be Baby Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," who rocks out to Parliament's "Flash Light." What's a better tree ornament than another tree (available July 15)?

Baby Groot could be rockin' around the Christmas tree.


Other new sci-fi-themed ornaments include Harry Potter's Gringotts bank, Deadpool in mid-leap, Captain Picard and Commander Data, and a lovely Princess Leia figure.

Most of the ornaments, including Mulder and Scully, Michonne and Groot, are $17.95 (£13.90, AU$24.08) each, while the Ripley ornament is $19.95 (£15.44 AU$26.76).