Here's why people watch pro wrestling

If you're not a wrestling fan, you're probably stumped as to why millions will be watching WWE's WrestleMania on Sunday. Let us explain.

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On Sunday, 60,000 will pack Orlando, Florida's Camping World for WrestleMania. Over 1.5 million more will be watching on the WWE Network.

It's the biggest event of the wrestling year, and is a testament to the enormity of WWE's brand. But the whole thing can be a bit confusing if you're not a wrestling fan.

Why are men and women in flashy costumes pretending to fight each other? And how could millions of people find this entertaining?

These are legitimate questions to grapple with, and we're here to help. If the mania around WrestleMania has you bemused, click on the video above. If you're looking to familiarise yourself with the most important faces of today, click on the gallery below. Happy WrestleMania week!