Wrangler Denim Spa jeans moisturize your nether regions

Wrangler claims its new line of moisturizing jeans will soothe your skin and even fight cellulite thanks to fabric infused with ingredients like aloe vera and algae extracts.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Wrangler Denim Spa jeans on model
Does this model look like she needs fat-fighting jeans? Wrangler

At CES in Las Vegas last week, everyone was talking about how dry it was and how much moisturizer they needed. The Consumer Electronics Association should consider issuing each attendee a pair of Wrangler's new Denim Spa jeans for next year's show.

The jeans come with the tagline, "The soothing touch of nature, now available in jeans." Three different models will be available. One is infused with aloe vera and another with olive extract. The third, called "Smooth Legs," contains caffeine, retinol, and algae extract. These ingredients are enclosed in micro-capsules and embedded in the fiber of the jeans. When you squeeze into them, the capsules burst and rub their precious cargo into your skin.

While the aloe vera and olive jeans are designed to just moisturize, Wrangler claims the "Smooth Legs" jeans will help fight cellulite. These should go great with one of Pepsi's fat-blocking sodas.

Details are still a little sketchy on these jeans, as a Wrangler's product page is not yet available. For example, how many times can you wash them and still have them moisturize your derriere? We should find out soon enough. They will be available at the end of the month from online retailer ASOS.

The models in Wrangler's product shots don't seem to be in need of any anti-cellulite help, but I'm sure the moisturizing properties came in handy when it was time to wriggle into the skin-tight pants. If jeans can be infused with fragrant botanical moisturizers, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before we're treated to Crisco or bacon grease jeans.

(Via Fast Company)