Woz: Google's Nexus One is my favorite gadget

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak tells a news station that Google's new phone is his favorite gadget, though he contacts the station later to say he also has two iPhones.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

This might be one of the most fruitful ads Google has ever enjoyed. And it wasn't even created by Google.

According to NBC Bay Area News, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was on the set of an education program called "NBC Class Action" when he was asked an entirely innocent question: what is your favorite gadget?

Wozniak reportedly replied: "Well, it's the latest one. It's a non-Apple product, but it's a gadget that just came out yesterday."

You will be stunned into February to hear that this remark was made the day after Google launched its Nexus One phone.

Lordy, might he love Chrome too? CC Koeln.de/Flickr

I know that some of you will be disturbed at the idea that such a legend in the Apple firmament could bring so much as a pore of his being into contact with a Nexus One. I know that some of you will find this even more discombobulating than watching Woz and his "Teletubby going mad" gyrations on "Dancing with the Stars."

But perhaps it is worth simply admiring yet again his touching, carefree honesty. Not for too long, however. Because NBC Bay Area then secured a further conversation with Woz, reportedly at his request. Woz wanted to clarify some of his deepest cellular feelings.

"I have two iPhones, sometimes I wear a Droid on my belt, and also a Nexus One," Wozniak told the station. "At any given point, I might have BlackBerrys. My main phone is still an iPhone."

Wait a minute. Did he say "Droid"? Did he say "BlackBerry"? That's like discovering the New York Jets are still in the playoffs. What? They are? Please excuse me, I must lie down.