Would you wear an iPhone as a fashion necklace?

If your smartphone makes a statement about you, then your smartphone as a necklace makes an even bigger one.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Vanesa Rey iPhone necklace
Is this delightful, tacky, or delightfully tacky? Vanesa Rey

Smartphones owners often dress up their phones in order to reflect their individual personalities and sense of fashion. They might opt for pink rhinestones, faux alligator, or sedate leather. Another option is to just throw caution to the wind and buy a Vanesa Ray necklace case to turn your iPhone into a giant piece of jewelry.

Described as a tech fashion accessory, the necklace is essentially a case on a chain. The chain is removable and the design also contains a slim wallet for carrying some cash and cards.

Designed for the iPhone 5 and 5S, prices start at $99 for a plain leather case. If you go the necklace route, though, you shouldn't settle for a plain leather case. You need to drop $149 for a bedazzled, crystal-encrusted version in either real leather or vegan fake leather.

In a world of women's fashion where pockets are often missing from garments, there could be some sense in wearing your phone around your neck, in easy reach at all times. You're less likely to miss a vital call or message than if it's been sucked into the bottomless depths of your purse.

Would you sport one of these necklace-cases? Would it make your feel fashionable or self-conscious?

Vanesa Rey iPhone necklace on model
You, too, could look like this. Vanesa Rey