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World's sexiest geeks poll shows geeks aren't sexy

An adultery site asks which "tech tycoons" people would like to have an affair with. It makes for difficult reading.

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Sigurd Vedal, CEO of Victoria Milan. So very sexy? Adrian Blachut

Now that tech has presented itself as the sexiest thing in the world, it must bear the consequences.

Adultery site Victoria Milan asked 7,685 men and women whom they would most like to have an illicit affair with. The choices, however, were limited to "tech tycoons."

Naturally, the first thing that comes into most people's minds when they consider tech tychoons is whether they'd like to sleep with them. After all, even Facebook began as a site that was all about wanting to sleep with people.

Victoria Milan declared winners and losers, because when it comes to sexiness, there is nothing in-between. However, the respondents to this survey insisted that actually, seeing as you asked, they don't really find geeks attractive at all -- 59 percent seemed to recoil at the concept.

Still, when forced to make a choice, the female members of this survey thought Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore was the apogee of sexual divinity. At least, 56 percent of them did. He doesn't even seem to have rivals. Next on the list, at a distant 25 percent, was Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Apple's Tim Cook, and Google's Larry Page seemed barely to figure at all.

The male respondents, on the other hand, were more divided. It was close between Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer. The former "won" by 38 percent to 31 percent. Behind them were Melinda Gates, Susan Wojcicki of Google/YouTube, and Steve Jobs's widow Laurene Powell.

Victoria Milan claims this survey proved that "stereotypes about the socially-awkward 'tech guy' or 'geeky gal' are still very prevalent."

On the other hand, Sigurd Vedal, the company's CEO saw deep societal change. He said: "We think it is very interesting that the common conceits of men choosing young women and women looking beyond appearances seem to have been bucked: our female users gravitated heavily towards the youngest, and arguably the most conventionally handsome, male 'geek' on the list, while men looked more at maturity and position. This shows that traditional views of gender roles and expectations continue to evolve in the internet era."

This, as so many surveys, seemed to invite vast mounds of iodized salt.

So, I asked the company about its methodology. I was told that the respondents "were asked via our internal polling mechanisms that enables us to ask any type of question; be it an open question or multiple choice question. We can also present our members with a description, link or a picture, etc."

It all happened between July 25 and August 5.

Then I wondered whether these respondents had the choice of many tech tycoons. Was the nice young man from Snapchat on the list? Was Google's Sergey Brin there, as well as Larry Page? After all, if you only have five choices, it isn't much.

May you be blown down by a whisper of wind when I tell you that these respondents only had five choices.

It was inevitable that I would ask about Vedal himself. Please, please could I see a picture of this "happily married" man to see what he looked like. I asked whether he considered himself sexy.

A Victoria Milan spokesman told me: "As for Sigurd being sexy, I don't feel that I'm the right person to judge, but any woman that I asked this question in our office started to giggle and mumble something with a shy smile on [her] face. I think that speaks for itself...he is certainly sexy!"

So there you have it. Research among 7,685 people proves that geeks aren't sexy. However, research among a few women in the office of Victoria Milan proves that the CEO of Victoria Milan, a site for "married and attached dating," is sexy.

Don't you feel like you've learned something?