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See world record being set for longest domino line fall

A YouTuber spends two days setting up 15,524 dominoes to topple in an elaborate display.

Setting up dominoes to fall can be fun, but if you're aiming to break a dominoes world record, plan to put aside at least a couple of days to stand the rectangular tiles one by one.

YouTuber and talented domino artist Hevesh5 did just that.

A time-lapse video, posted Saturday, shows Hevesh5 and friends setting up a colorful display of dominoes -- 15,524 to be exact -- to break the world record for the longest domino line fall ever.

"This took two days to build and a little over five minutes to fall," Hevesh5 writes on her YouTube page.

The previous record was 12,610 dominoes, set by 101gabed in 2016.

Fans inspired by these videos might find the idea of setting up thousands of dominoes daunting, but Hevesh5 has some words of advice to help them stay focused.

"Don't give up on what you love," Hevesh5 said in an interview with Puzzle Nation blog. "Patience and perseverance are key, even in the most challenging times."