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Woman jailed for not returning VHS of JLo movie 9 years ago

Your old technology sins can still catch up with you, if you live in South Carolina, that is. One woman, attempting to report a crime to police, finds out the hard way, as she is jailed for not returning a rented movie.

How JLo can you go?
Fox Carolina screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Look around your living room. Go up to your bedroom. Scour your attic.

There might be old movies there that aren't technically yours.

You might once have rented them from your local Blockbuster or equivalent and, as you and your Blockbuster aged, both of you forgot about it.

I mention this only because of the experience of Kayla Michelle Finley. As Fox Carolina reports, she went along to her local police station to report a crime.

Suddenly, JLo and behold, she was locked up for not having returned a VHS of the seminal work "Monster-In-Law," starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda.

You might have missed this great movie, just as Finley says she missed returning it. Well, she did rent it in 2005.

FOX Carolina 21

This didn't matter to the hardy souls in the Pickens County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina.

When they looked to see who she was, they discovered there was a warrant out for her arrest, for failing to return "Monster-In-Law" to Dalton Video.

The authorities say that reminders were sent to her. Yes, in 2005. Finley told Fox Carolina she never received them.

So while you might think it reasonable to jail someone for renting "Monster-In-Law," the sheriff's office thought it equally reasonable to throw Finley behind bars. There she stayed for 24 hours.

The 27-year-old Finley has now been charged for having been 18 some nine years ago. I'm sorry, she's actually been charged with failure to return a video cassette.

She told Fox Carolina that she will fight. She said: "It's obvious that Pickens County has nothing better to do."

Dalton Video is now defunct. But the charges you incurred from using old technology live on.

At least they do in South Carolina.