Woman gets tattoo of 152 Facebook friends

As if to prove that virtual friendship is slightly more than skin deep, a woman gets an arm tattoo featuring more than 150 of her Facebook friends.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Updated 5.50pm PST Wednesday: Forbes is reporting that this is, sadly, not a permanent tattoo. It quotes a Dutch newspaper, which, in turn got these words from tattooist Dex Moelker: "It is a try out tattoo, a transfer, that washes off in a couple of days." There are fears that this may all be part of, no, an advertising campaign.

The occasional tattoo can be quite fetching--especially if it adorns an unexpectedly location. However, so many seem to adorn the human body in the same way that fungus adorns your average paving stone.

One woman, who seems like she might be a fan of Facebook, or merely a little insecure around the edges, decided that she needed to have a very modern tattoo.

Her YouTube video shows that, for her at least, the only way for her Facebook account to be truly mobile was to have the images of an alleged 152 Facebook friends tattooed all the way down her arm.

Perhaps you, like me, had never considered such an option.

Perhaps you, like me, had imagined that it would be far more preferable to have your local tattoo artist engrave a paean to your mother, an image of one or other of your children, or a few words that symbolize the glory that is you.

Here, though, it's as if a stamp collection has been plastered all over the woman. It does, though, have a peculiarly artistic quality, its sheer density giving the impression that the woman is wearing an undershirt from a very nice store such as Desigual.

In terms of impact, it surely has more than the curious Facebook tattoo that recently sprouted on the arm of famed Toshiba spokesman, T-Pain.

I am still concerned, however, that should the woman fall out with one of her Facebook friends--or should that supposed friend suddenly turn out to be a bank robber, Ponzi fraudster or, worse, sexting tweeter--removing that one face will be tricky.

Who can forget the tribulations of Johnny Depp, who once had a tattoo that read: WINONA FOREVER, only for that relationship to run aground?

His solution was simply to remove the "NA," which would seem more elegant than having to remove a whole portrait picture and leaving an unsightly gap.