Wireless picks up speed

The future of wireless communications looks speedier and more competitive as RIM moves toward adding voice, Microsoft backs Bluetooth, and Cingular turns to GSM.

CNET News staff
RIM gives a shout to VoiceStream
Research In Motion is trying to stay ahead of its rivals by signing a deal with a major wireless carrier that could allow the BlackBerry maker to add voice capabilities.
October 30, 2001 
Microsoft's next mobile OS goes Bluetooth
The software giant is pushing ahead with support for Bluetooth in Windows CE .Net, its next-generation operating system for mobile devices.
October 30, 2001 
Cingular to speed network with GSM move
update The world's most popular wireless telephone technology, known as GSM, has won another convert: Cingular Wireless, America's second-largest wireless carrier.
October 30, 2001