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Windows Vista Ultimate for $200

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit for System Builders sells for half the cost of the full retail version of Vista Ultimate.

Daniel A. Begun

Have you been jonesing for the top-tier version of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista Ultimate, but not willing to part with $400 of your hard-earned cash? Does spending half that amount make taking the plunge more palatable? If you can do without the fancy packaging and user manuals, consider instead Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit for System Builders, selling for $200 at Amazon.com, Newegg.com, and other e-tailors. The license agreement for this particular version states it is meant specifically for "system builders." Paragraph one of the license agreement provides several definitions of who a system builder is, including, "an installer of software on computer systems." I'm not an attorney, but wouldn't the very act of installing the operating system meet that criteria? Heck, installing just Acrobat Reader or Firefox might meet that criteria! Now you have no excuse...other than the fact that $200 is still a lot to pay for an operating system.