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Windows Phone 7 challenge: I can haz apps, please?

After the Android Gingerbread update ruined my Droid X, I agreed to try a Microsoft developer's Windows Phone 7 challenge. If I don't like my new phone (running a Mango developer's build), Microsoft donates $1,000 to charity. This is my Mango story.

Here's the latest update from the world of Windows Phone 7: upshot? Uh oh...where are the apps?

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Also, as a post-script, I should say that although I liked the integrated social networking at first, I'm finding it slightly less useful as the day wears on. It seems slow to update; the list of Twitter mentions only says I was mentioned, but doesn't show me the actual text until I click through to another screen; and it's kind of weird to have one live tile for monitoring Facebook posts, and another for monitoring my own Facebook activity. I went ahead and downloaded the Facebook and Twitter standalone apps, though, and so far I like them better.

In other news, and this may be attributed to the beta nature of my Mango build, I've experienced two spontaneous restarts today. It's OK, though, I'm used to it.