Why do you love Tyrion Lannister? Tribute video counts the ways

No new "Game of Thrones" episodes are coming until 2017, but a new Tyrion tribute video makes the wait seem much longer.

Caution: One medium-size "Game of Thrones" spoiler from season 6 up ahead.

Yes, we all love Little Lady Mormont, and Daenerys remains the Mother of Dragons. But there's one "Game of Thrones" character I'll miss the most over the interminable wait until season 7. In the same way "Walking Dead" fans claim they'd riot if Daryl Dixon dies, I feel the same way about newly appointed Hand of the Queen, Tyrion Lannister.

That's why I had to watch this new video montage of Tyrion's defining moments made by The Garo Studios over and over again. The video includes some of Peter Dinklage's finest moments as Tyrion from all six seasons. There are snippets of Tyrion and Jaime's discussion of beetle-smashing cousin Orson, Tyrion's final confrontation with his father Tywin, scenes with sister Cersei and with Jon Snow, moments with Daenerys and her dragons, and his dramatic speech at his trial. When told by his jerk of a father that he's not on trial for being a dwarf, he delivers the perfect comeback: "I have been on trial for that my entire life."

But this video is both terrific and terrible. Terrific because it reminds fans what an awesome character the youngest Lannister is, and terrible because we won't be hearing any more from him until 2017.

(Via Mashable)