Who's bringing what? Divvyus helps you sort it out

Planning a barbecue, dinner party, or anything else that means group resource gathering? Divvyus lets you dole out those tasks in an orderly fashion.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
Screenshot by Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Ever tried to set up an event or meeting while trying to balance the schedules of others? That's been made easy with tools like Doodle, TimeBridge and Planypus. But what if you're having a dinner party, or a picnic, or going camping, or any other real-world situation where you're grouping together your resources?

That's where Divvyus comes in handy. It lets you manage some of the chaos of assigning to-dos, or things to bring ahead of time. There's no registration required, you just need to send out the URL of the Divvyus, and whomever you send it to can claim a task with their name, as well as make additions or subtractions to the master list.

There are a few features I'd love to see make it into the next version, including e-mail reminders for when others claim items (which, in a way is what this tool is trying to make obsolete), as well as a way to leave notes or deadlines on specific items. Though some of the beauty about something like this is that it only needs to do so much before it ends up as something more complicated.