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Who won E3: PS4 or Xbox One? in CNET UK Podcast 392

Six months on, and with a load of cool new games at E3, which next-gen console is taking the lead? And why have taxi drivers brought European cities to a standstill this week?

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Six months after Sony and Microsoft unleashed their latest consoles, a raft of new titles has been unveiled at gaming extravaganza E3. So which console takes the lead?

We take a look at the trends from E3 , and find out how a little game called No Man's Sky got people talking as much as the big-name games for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U.

Of course, we're not all about games -- Rich and Jason certainly aren't, pitting their wits against Luke's n00b quiz challenge with predictably embarrassing results. In other exciting technology news, we find out why angry taxi drivers gridlocked European cities this week in protests against apps like Uber, and why claims a computer passed the Turing test aren't fooling anyone.

Plus we find out how prehistoric punch-ups shaped the difference between men and women as we evolved faces designed for fighting.

Hit play on the video, or our audio player below, and enjoy!

Who won E3: PS4 or Xbox One? in CNET UK Podcast 392

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