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The Mandalorian season finale has arrived on Disney Plus

Now you can check out the entire first season of the live-action Star Wars series.

No one puts Baby Yoda in a corner.

The Mandalorian's season finale, episode 8, is now available on Disney Plus. The first season has brought us endless fights, lots of blacksmithing and the gift that is Baby Yoda. Its one problem? Disney made us exercise patience. The very first live-action Star Wars show was drip-fed to us week by week, like old-fashioned television. 

The first episode launched alongside Disney Plus, the second came out a few days later, the third episode arrived Nov. 22, the fourth offered an alternative to shopping on Black Fridaythe fifth landed a week later, and the sixth dropped the following week. Then the seventh episode dropped the day before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was released. With the season finale now out, we can all get back to cooing over Baby Yoda. (Did we ever stop?) And now we'll have to exercise patience for the start of season 2 in fall 2020. 

Here's the schedule

Episode 1: Already available.

Episode 2: Already available.

Episode 3: Already available.

Episode 4: Already available.

Episode 5: Already available.

Episode 6: Already available.

Episode 7: Already available.

Episode 8: Now available.

Start time?

Most episodes dropped around 3 a.m. ET.

For fans who "liked" the tweet below, The Mandalorian Twitter account notified them when the episode arrived.

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Originally published Nov. 12.
Update, Dec. 27
: Adds that the season finale is now available.