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When a flying motorbike hits you in the face, film it for YouTube

Over Memorial Day weekend, a Pennsylvania race track sees an astonishing collision. Thankfully, the victim is wearing a camera.

Brace yourself. KW Parrish/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

People used to say: "Pictures or it didn't happen."

However, in our new world that's a constant movie, pictures sometimes aren't enough. You need video. You need YouTube, to make you not only see what happened, but feel it.

How can one not be grateful, therefore, to KW Parrish for not only surviving being hit in the face by a flying motorbike at over 100 mph, but filming it and slipping it onto YouTube?

Parrish was riding with friends on the BeaverRun motor complex in Pennsylvania when a mishap occurred in front of him between two other bikes.

Given that he was going at something very fast, there wasn't a lot of time to avoid the accident. None, it seems.

One of the bikes in front of him, having collided with the other, leaped from the ground and smacked him square in the chops.

Clearly, had Parrish been injured, this would be no laughing matter.

But, having posted it to YouTube, he explained that he "walked away a little dizzy, confused, bumped and bruised. Oh and pretty angry."

LiveLeak reports that his bike was a GSX-R100 and that he had been warned in advance that it was a powerful machine.

However, the footage suggests he wasn't performing recklessly. Indeed, he told LiveLeak: "The last thing I wanted to do was wreck the bike on its first day out, so I played it safe."

What's remarkable is that, having been struck so hard in the face, he managed to maintain enough control over his own machine to survive without lasting damage.

The video has already enjoyed over 560,000 YouTube views.

If you hadn't seen it on YouTube, it wouldn't have seemed quite so dramatic, would it?