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What's your dream Apple product?

Apple denies designer Philippe Starck's claims about a "revolutionary" new product, but we can still dream, right? Tell Crave about your ultimate Apple device for a chance to win some cool prizes.

What would your dream Apple product look like?

Once again, the tech world is abuzz (well, haters aside maybe) with talk of a new Apple product that could debut in the next eight months.

French designer Philippe Starck, whose portfolio includes hotels, restaurants, and even toothbrushes, revealed today to France Info radio that he's working with the Cupertino, Calif.-based company to create a "revolutionary" new product.

Of course, he didn't provide any additional details on what that product might be, citing Apple's "religious cult of secrecy," but Starck did say he met with the late Steve Jobs once a month for seven years to collaborate on the project and talk about "all things interesting." The designer added that he continues to travel to California to meet with Jobs' widow Laurene Powell.

Now, we wouldn't fault anyone for thinking this product might be the much-rumored Apple TV set, but some sites, like Hardmac, think it could be a remote control for the TV. Maybe the iPhone will get a radical makeover?

Apple, for its part, has put a kibosh on the whole thing, so we're not sure if we'll actually see this revolutionary product, but hey, why should that stop us from dreaming?

That's why we want to hear from you, dear readers. We already know you're a creative bunch, so we're sure you've already dreamed up some ideas for the ultimate Apple product. It can be a refresh of an existing product or something completely new, and we'd love to see mockups if possible. If not, just give us a description of how you imagine your gadget would look and work for a chance to be showcased on Crave.

To submit your idea, send an e-mail to crave [at] cnet dot com with the subject "Dream Apple product," along with a mockup and/or description, your full name (first and last), and location. The cutoff for submissions will be Tuesday, April 17 at noon PT. Later next week, we'll publish some of our favorites in a story and gallery, and we even have two cool iPrizes to give away to our fave idea.

We look forward to seeing all your creations, and happy dreaming!