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What will Apple do to turn things around in 2016? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 35)

Apple's earnings and the lack of new, exciting products could spell trouble, unless they sell a bajillion iPhone 7s.


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Extra Crunchy Show Notes:

- Apple's Earnings:

Apple Reports First Year-Over-Year Revenue Decline Since 2003: $10.5B Profit on $50.6B in Revenue

Demand for iPhone SE is 'Very Strong,' Exceeds Available Supply

iPhone's global marketshare falls to 15.3% in March quarter amid tough Chinese competition

- Apple Campus Death:

Apple campus death: Employee dead in company conference room in 'isolated incident'

- iPhone 7 News:

iPhone 7 Plus Design Drawings Depict Dimensions Identical to iPhone 6s Plus

- Apple Watch News:

Report: Faster Apple Watch 2 may feature built-in cellular connectivity [Poll]

Apple Watch 2 Rumored to Include Cellular Connectivity Amid Push for iPhone Independency

STRATEGY ANALYTICS: Apple Watch Slips to 52% Global Smartwatch Marketshare in Q1 2016

- iOS News:

Apple releases Safari Technology Preview 3, iOS 9.3.2 public beta 3 & OS X 10.11.5 dev beta 3

Apple's CareKit has launched, four apps available today, more will follow

Apple releases new open source software for medical apps

- Apple Car News:

Apple appears to be prototyping car parts at its 'product realization lab' w/ new hires from Tesla & Andretti Autosport

Handelsblatt Exclusive Fighting Over the Driver's Seat

Is Apple operating a secret car lab in Germany?

Apple allegedly hires former Tesla VP, Aston Martin engineer Chris Porritt

- FBI vs Apple Update:

FBI Makes Official Its Decision to Keep Apple iPhone Hack Secret

- Random News:

LOOK: "Deadpool" Parodies Popular Movies In Spot-On iTunes Ads

Apple CEO Tim Cook Auctions Apple HQ Charity Lunch for Fourth Year in a Row

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