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The Web Services Report covers a wide range of topics from Microsoft to Google and anything in between.

Harrison Hoffman
Harrison Hoffman is a tech enthusiast and co-founder of LiveSide.net, a blog about Windows Live. The Web services report covers news, opinions, and analysis on Web-based software from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and countless other companies in this rapidly expanding space. Hoffman currently attends the University of Miami, where he studies business and computer science. Disclosure.
Harrison Hoffman

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Harrison Hoffman, a co-founder and writer for the Windows Live news site LiveSide.net and a current student at the University of Miami. I decided to take on this new project because I wanted to write about a wider variety of web services and talk about the whole picture instead of just a small part of it.

My goal with The Web Services Report is to provide news, opinion, and analysis on what's going on in the world of web services. I may be writing about the big players like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google or any of the other up and coming startups. Anything that you might classify as a web service or as "Web 2.0" is fair game.

I am always interested in what topics my readers might be interested in, especially as I get going, so feel free to leave a comment here and I will see what I can do. I hope that you all enjoy reading the Report as much as I will enjoy writing it. I think this is going to be an interesting ride.