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Week in pictures: Linux lineup, security spree

roundup The action was on the show floors, as open-source fans gathered at LinuxWorld, spyware and virus watchers bonded at RSA Security, and mobile phone mavens basked in Cannes.

The action was on the show floors, as open-source fans gathered at LinuxWorld in Boston, spyware and virus watchers bonded at RSA Security in San Francisco, and mobile phone mavens basked in Cannes.

Scenes from LinuxWorld

A gathering of penguin pushers

From Big Blue booths to freshly laundered jumpsuits, the open-source show brings out the faithful.
February 15, 2005

RSA gadgets and geeks

RSA gadgets, gizmos and geeks

Security show is about the latest in high-tech defenses. So what's with the World War II crypto device?
February 16, 2005

Cell phones in Cannes

Mobile phones convene in Cannes

The wireless industry heads to France's Cote d'Azur to talk about 3G technology and show off new handsets.
February 15, 2005

patent protest

Patent protesters take to the streets

The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure rallies hundreds in Brussels to argue against an EU plan for software patents.
February 18, 2005

3D models of Philadelphia

A virtual Philadelphia comes to life

Will a 3D computer model someday help people find apartments and make new friends?
February 17, 2005

Silicon lasers

Lasers on a chip

With chip containing eight Raman lasers, Intel aims to cut down on the cost of optical technology.
February 16, 2005

Warrior robots

Robots that do a soldier's work

These machines--some of which are already in use in Iraq--help keep Army personnel out of harm's way.
February 16, 2005

Sizing up shoppers

Sizing up shoppers

Intellifit uses a shed-size scanner to take the guesswork out of finding jeans that fit.
February 15, 2005

Hitachi camcorder

Hitachi's newest DVD camcorder

The Wooo DZ-MV780, equipped with 1.33-megapixel capability and up to 120 minutes of digital recording, will debut at about $950.
February 14, 2005

Falcon controller

Touch and play

Novint Technologies hopes to make playing video games more immersive with its Falcon controller.
February 15, 2005

Samsung notebook

Digital TV on the go

Samsung says it has developed the first notebook capable of receiving land-based digital-television broadcast signals while moving.
February 16, 2005

Task force seeks tax dollars

Spending more tax dollars on tech

Task force, including Intel CEO Craig Barrett, presents a request for more federal funding.
February 16, 2005

Dead Pixel Buddy

RIP dead pixels

Dead Pixel Buddy lets you scour your LCD display for blackout spots that can't exhibit the correct color output.
February 17, 2005