Wear a mini 3D-printed container garden as a necklace

Put some plant life in your fashion sense with tiny, wearable 3D-printed containers made to hold living greenery.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Wearable plant necklace
Forget the bling -- go green instead. Wearable Planter

Plants as fashion accessories shouldn't just be relegated to corsages at prom time. Etsy seller Wearable Planter offers itsy-bitsy 3D-printed containers made to hold plant life as necklaces, rings, and boutonnieres.

The products are essentially little vases, made from watertight 3D-printed acrylic polymer or nylon plastic. They can hold a cut flower or a succulent, such as an air plant. Some of the vases are made from translucent material to show off the roots below. You provide your own plant life.

Prices start at $20 for a ring and go up to $55 for an amphora-shaped planter necklace. If you're looking for a geek wink to go along with your wearable plant container, then choose the icosahedron option. It should look great at your next tabletop RPG marathon.

The wearable planters are part of a burgeoning market for 3D-printed creations you can sport on your body. All you need now are some 3D-printed designer shoes and a 3D-printed catwalk dress to complete the look.

20-sided plant container
Show off your gaming and green pride. Wearable Planter

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