Weapon of mass consumption: the beer-launching fridge

The beer-launching fridge

Kevin Massy

Robotic Beer Launching Refrigerator - The best bloopers are a click away

If you're too lazy to drive your beer keg around, then this might be the solution you've been dreaming of: the beer-launching fridge. The fantasy of frat houses worldwide, the BLF can be loaded with up to 10 cans, which can be fired out at will to those installed on the couch on the other side of the room.

Launch angle and firing are controlled remotely using a keyless vehicle entry system: pressing the Unlock starts the catapult arm rotating to the desired angle, pressing it again stops it when the desired angle is reached, and a press of the Lock button looses the spring-loaded catapult arm, delivering a cold beer by express airmail.

According to the designer's Web site, he is thinking about manufacturing a limited number of units, which would have twice the capacity of the prototype featured in the video. The prospective retail version would be programmable using a modified TV remote with controls for left, right, and 10 firing angles, and would cost around $1,500. Now all you need is a kegulator to work out how much ammo you'll need for it.