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We review the LG Decoy

We review the LG Decoy, the first-ever cell phone with a built-in Bluetooth headset.

LG Decoy has a built-in Bluetooth headset
LG Decoy has a built-in Bluetooth headset Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Once in a long while a cell phone comes along that is completely unlike any other. We've seen fancy touch-screen phones and smartphones so clever they're practically computers, but it's rare we see anything that's truly unique. The LG Decoy steps outside conventional wisdom and presents to us one such device: the first-ever handset with a built-in Bluetooth headset. We were skeptical, of course, on whether this would truly work. But in the end, we have to admit this is a pretty ingenious idea. We hear about lost Bluetooth headsets all the time, plus it's not always convenient to wear one all day long. This way, you get a Bluetooth headset right at your fingertips. Sure it's not the best headset in the world--it doesn't have noise reduction or echo-canceling technology--but it's good enough for use in the car. The Decoy's headset even supports streaming music, so you could use it to listen to some quick tunes while on the move. Even without the headset, the Decoy is a pretty good cell phone--it has plenty of multimedia features, EV-DO, V Cast support, plus great call quality--but the addition of the Bluetooth headset just makes it that much better. Check out our full review for all the details, and peruse through our slide show for a closer look.