We prefer emojis over phone calls for sharing our feelings

That's according to Adobe's first ever emoji trend report. Oh, and our favorite emoji include 😂 and 😘.

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Dhara Singh
Man chatting on his smart phone, sending emojies

People who use emojis are thought to be friendlier and more approachable, according to Adobe's 2019 Emoji Trend Report.


Even to your grandmother, an emoji is worth a thousand words. That's made clear in Adobe first ever Emoji Trend Report, released Wednesday to commemorate annual World Emoji Day. 

Emoji were first introduced by Japanese cell phones in 1997, but became popular after 2010. As of last year, there were estimated to be almost 3,000 emoji.  

The majority of emoji users Adobe surveyed (93%) said they often used the small text messaging icons, ranging from smiley faces to prayer symbols to "lighten the mood." Additionally, a significant chunk of users say those who use emoji are "friendlier and more approachable."

The study comes as Pew estimates some 70 percent of Americans send text messages. Some 781 billion text messages are sent every month in the US, according to Statistic Brain.

One of the noteworthy highlights in the report is is that 65% of emoji users say they're more comfortable expressing their emotions through emojis than a phone call. Besides allowing an easy route convey feelings, emoji also serve to help businesses. The report also says that 58% of users are more likely to open an email from a brand that has an emoji in the subject line. 

On Tuesday, Apple and Google unveiled new emoji ranging from falafels and service dogs in an effort to spread messages of inclusivity. 

Adobe surveyed 1,000 emoji users across the US aged 16 to 73 in May of this year. The company didn't immediately respond to a request for additional comment. 

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