WD ShareSpace NAS server faster, offers 8TB

Western Digital upgrades its WD ShareSpace NAS server with faster speed and double storage capacity.

Dong Ngo SF Labs Manager, Editor / Reviews
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Dong Ngo

Six months after the initial release of the WD ShareSpace NAS server that offers up to 4TB of storage, Western Digital is now ready to double the storage space of the device.

The company announced Tuesday that its WD ShareSpace network storage server now offers up to 8TB of capacity, DLNA2 media-streaming capabilities, and more importantly, up to 30 percent faster transfer speed.

The WD ShareSpace NAS server. Western Digital

This is really good news if the new WD ShareSpace offers the same speed as the recently reviewed My Book World Edition; it would be a huge improvement from the predecessor.

The new WD ShareSpace NAS server is now capable of streaming photos, music, and videos to popular DLNA-certified devices including Windows Vista PCs, PlayStation3, and Xbox 360.

Other than that, the new WD ShareSpace shares the same design and feature set with the previous model. It has a rather small footprint for a NAS server that has four bays and supports 3.5-inch hard drives.

The new NAS also includes WD Anywhere Backup software that provides automatic and continuous protection for valuable data from every PC and Mac on the network. In my experience, however, the software, though it works as intended, tends to bog down the computer's performance when a backup is being made.

The new 8TB capacity WD ShareSpace NAS server will be available later this week and costs $1,700. It will also be available in 2TB and 4TB versions, which cost less accordingly.