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WD My Book Live gets mobile app, personal-cloud features

WD announces iOS and Android apps for its WD My Book Live NAS server that enables media streaming and data access on the go.

You can quickly setup the WD 2go app with a WD My Book Live app via a 12-digit access code.
You can quickly set up the WD 2go app with a WD My Book Live app via a 12-digit access code.
Dong Ngo/CNET

Owners of the WD My Book Live NAS server can now do a lot more with the storage device via a mobile gadget.

Western Digital announced today the availability of the WD 2go mobile app for the iOS and Android platforms. It turns the NAS server into a personal storage cloud solution.

The app enables users to connect to the NAS server via the Internet using a Wi-Fi network or over a cellular connection. The remote user then can stream to the mobile device digital content, such as music, video, and photos, as well as documents and presentations that are stored on the NAS server.

Multiple users can be granted access to a single WD My Book Live at a time, via different accounts. To do this, the owner of the NAS just needs to create a new user account, using the NAS' Web interface, and enabled remote access on that account. This generates a 12-digit access code, which is entered into the WD 2go app. And that's all it takes for the setup process.

In order to support this new feature and mobile app, the WD My Book Live needs to run the latest firmware, which is a free update.

Other than the mobile platforms, remote users can also access the NAS via any full-featured Internet browser by pointing it to

Other than the free WD 2go app, there's a premium version, called WD 2go Pro, that includes a few advanced features:

  • Clipping: Users save files, photos, songs, videos, or folders on the mobile device, enabling offline access to them.

  • Automatic sync: New or modified files added to the My Book Live automatically sync to mobile devices.

  • Content sharing: The WD 2go Pro app allows users to e-mail files, share files as a link, and print and open files with third-party apps.

  • Additional security: Users can leverage an additional layer of security by locking mobile access to the My Book Live drive with a four-digit pass code.

WD 2go and WD 2go Pro are available now; the Pro version costs $2.99.