Watch the craziness that happens when a rare Pokemon appears in Central Park

Technically Incorrect: The game that's overtaken America overtakes New York's Central Park.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

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The excitement is touchingly elemental.

Izzy Nobre/Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Who says America can't unite?

This is just the piffle of the negative.

I have proof that we can all come together as one. We just need to heed a certain call.

Here is footage that shows that something has the ability to unite Americans: Pokemon Go.

Posted to Twitter by podcaster and writer Izzy Nobre, it shows the effect on a large number of Americans, as a rare Pokemon appears in Central Park.

Central Park seems an appropriate place for rare creatures to come out at night.

Here, though, was a Vaporean. This is a rare Evee being. (Should you not be familiar with Evees, they are brown furry, four-legged things that look a little like the result of Bambi getting together with an Easter Bunny.)

It is, of course, easy to mock hordes of humans in pursuit of something entirely virtual. (Guilty, your honor.)

I wonder, though, how many friendships might have been formed or how many amusing conversations might have been held as these humans raced toward the appointed spot.

I wonder how many people, once they'd stopped looking down at their phones in search of their personal nirvana, looked up at other similar types and at least smiled in mutual recognition.

Pokemon Go has its silliness. It has its dangers too. So much so that police departments are issuing safety tips (sample: do not run into trees). They're also begging players to stop calling 911 in search of monsters.

But the game encourages people to leave the house and even walk miles in pursuit of virtual furriness and outdoor amusements.

I await the joyous news of the first Pokemon Go engagement. I feel sure it will happen soon.

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