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Watch teens react to Weird Al's music videos

Can legendary laughmeister Weird Al Yankovic impress the teenagers of today? The Fine Brothers find out.

Teens reacting to Weird Al's new music video parodies usually involves laughing and confused looks. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Teens may be the most fickle and hard to predict demographic when it comes to music parodies, let alone music. When new media stars Benny and Rafi Fine, better known on the Fine Brothers, showed teens the latest music videos from comedy songster Weird Al Yankovic -- including parodies about handymen and foil -- their reactions were surprisingly positive.

"He's actually a really good singer," Jeannie, 19, said in the Teens React video.

"Who makes a whole song about foil? Who dedicates a whole song to foil?" Miracle, 15, asked exasperatedly while watching Weird Al sing his Lorde parody.

When the teens were informed that Weird Al has been making music parodies for almost 40 years, parodying everyone from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga, they were downright shocked.

"Dude, how old is he?" Alix, 18, asked surprised.

"I thought all this weird stuff happened when the Internet was invented and now I'm learning that everyone was weird since like the dawn of time!" Sabrina, 14, said in the video.

Now that music parodies are a dime a dozen on YouTube, the Fine Brothers asked the teens if they thought Weird Al would be annoyed by the over-saturation of music humor online.

Even after nearly 40 years, Weird Al still manages to make teens smile with his witty lyrics and wacky sense of humor. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

"If he can do it good enough to make up for everyone doing it bad then it doesn't even matter," Josh, 16 replied.

"Out of everyone one hundred people that are making parodies to get views there's that one person just like Weird Al that's doing it because they love what they're doing," Eric, 17, said in the video. "And it's because of Weird Al that they're doing it. So he should feel happy about that."

What's clear to the teens watching these music videos is that Weird Al is still the King of Comedy, no matter how many YouTubers are making music parodies of their own.

"He's the original; he knows how to do it. There's no failing when you're Weird Al," Sabrina said.

"He's a god! He's a comedy god!" Josh said in the video. "He's just a legend. He does everything so perfect."

"I'm so happy he's back," Ethan James, 19, said in the video.

Rock on, Weird Al.