Watch a BASE jump down into a pool 34 stories in the air

A BASE jumper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, makes a super-splashy entrance at a rooftop pool party, and you can fly along with him in this crazy video.

Michael Franco
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Michael Franco

Good thing no one's swimming laps! Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

BASE jumpers, as the name indicates, like to hurl themselves off of buildings, antenna, spans (like bridges) and parts of the earth, like cliffs. Usually, the jumpers use the parachutes they deploy during free fall to guide themselves safely back to the ground. However, in a recent stunt in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, BASE jumper John Van Horne steered himself into a swimming pool located atop a 34-story building. That pool was located far below the 1,099-foot building, Kuala Lumpur Tower, that he jumped off. Fortunately, he recorded the whole thing on a portable video camera, so we have the YouTube video below to weaken our knees.

ABC News reports that Van Horne was accompanied by Matt Frohlich and Andy Lewis who also made "splashy" entrances to the rooftop pool party that was waiting to welcome them. The three were in town as part of the KL Tower Base Jump, an annual international event that has its origins in the first KL Tower jump in 1999.

"The kind of fun part for us is the 'make it or you're in trouble' kind of way [it plays out] because there's nowhere else to land," Van Horne told ABC.

And, "Your best-case scenario if you miss the pool is a 200-foot-high tree," he told The Washington Post. "Around the hotel, there was nowhere to land, no open areas."

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