Warner Bros Aims to Make Your Harry Potter Dreams a Reality With its New Magic Caster Wand

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James Bricknell
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Two wands casting magic at a TV and floor lamp
Wizarding World

What's happening

Warner Bros. has announced the release of four new Harry Potter wands that are motion activated and work with smart home devices and apps to let you cast spells.

Why it matters

Harry Potter is still a hugely popular franchise, and lots of fans would love a chance to duel their friends using an LED wand.

What's next

Pre-orders begin Oct. 20 for Harry Potter Fan Club members and Oct. 21 for everyone else. The Magic Caster Wand costs $149.99 in the US and £149 in the UK.

I think we can all agree that the Harry Potter franchise is pretty big. With over 500 million books sold worldwide, six movies, a play, countless videogames and a neverending sea of toys, Harry Potter is as well-known as any literary character in history.

Today, Warner Bros. announced a new collectible; one that aims to bring the magic of spellcasting to the forefront. Called the Magic Caster Wand this new motion-activated device lights up as you go through the motions of spells and uses an app to show you the results. The app is not just available for your phone and tablet but will connect to Apple TV , Fire TV and Google 's Android TV to offer an interactive experience as you swish and flick your way to magical success. 

The wand can even connect to select smart home devices like your Hue or LIFX bulbs to let you turn them on by casting spells. You'll be able to cast Lumos Maximus to turn them, and I'm sure Nox to turn them off. Warner Bros. says more devices will become available as time goes on.

Four LED illuminated wands in different shapes
Wizarding World

There are four distinct shapes to choose from called Heroic, Defiant, Honourable, and Loyal, though the Heroic, is only available if you are a member of the Harry Potter Fan Club. In fact, you even get a chance to pre-order early if you are a member of the fan club as well -- Oct 20. instead of Oct. 21 -- so it could be worth signing up for if you want to snag a special edition wand. 

The Heroic is a first come, first served limited run of just 1,000 so you will need to be ready at 11AM EST (4PM BST) to have a chance of picking one up. If you are happy to go for one of the other three -- I like the look of the Defiant myself -- then you can wait 24 hours after to grab yourself one of those. 
All four wands will be available for $149.99 in the US and £149 in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and are set to ship in December. Warner Bros. has said that expansion into other territories is expected and will be announced as it happens.