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Vonage founder brings top TV shows to one Web site

Jeff Pulver launches PrimeTimeRewind.TV, a service that uses embed codes from NBC, CBS, and other broadcasters in order to aggregate content.

Jeff Pulver, the Vonage founder, wants to make viewing online video much more like traditional TV.

Now, to change channels online you have to jump between the Web sites of the different broadcasters and networks. But PrimeTimeRewind.Tv, a company Pulver co-founded, enables visitors to watch shows from such outlets as NBC, ABC, and TNT and on one site. The site launched this week.

Pulver is able to do this by accessing the embed codes that each of the networks provides for their video. No more keying in numerous URLs, filling out multiple registrations or downloading different clients.

The TV guide is replaced by a cube-shaped menu that users can flip around to see what shows are available for each network.

The networks won't mind Pulver aggregating their shows because he's using their video player and ads, he said in his blog. He's just syndicating their content, and ultimately the content producers will get more traffic. Pulver said PrimeTimeRewind.TV is not "stealing traffic."