Vizio's 32-inch 1080p performs well, but not because it's 1080p

The Vizio VO32LF is a 32-inch LCD that turned in a solid performance in our tests, mainly due to color accuracy, not native resolution.

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David Katzmaier


Despite all the times we've written about how 1080p just isn't that noticeable, especially at small screen sizes, it's becoming a moot point. Just about every LCD is 1080p these days, and with models like the Vizio VO32LF, the price gap between 720p and 1080p is negligible. In fact, this 32-inch LCD replaces the 720p VO32L we reviewed earlier in Vizio's lineup, and costs the same at $599 list.

The hallmark of our VO32L review was the display's accurate color, due in part to the ability to adjust the picture settings and particularly color temperature. The 1080p version improves upon that color accuracy, ditching the greenish tinge we noted in darker areas. When you add in decent black levels, the Vizio VO32LF is among the better small-screen flat-panels we've tested. But those test results have nothing to do with its 1080p native resolution.

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Below you'll find the settings we found best for viewing the Vizio VP32LF in a completely dark room via the HDMI input with a 1080p, film-based source. Your settings may very depending on source, room conditions, and personal preference. Check out the Picture settings and calibration FAQ for more information.

Picture menu
Picture Mode: Movie
Backlight: 27
Brightness: 51
Contrast: 52
Color: 44
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 3

Advanced video menu
Noise Reduction: Off
Color Enhancement: Off
Advanced Adaptive Luma: Off
Enhanced Contrast Ratio: Off

Color Temperature menu
Color Temperature: Warm
Red: 125
Green: 127
Blue: 145