Video roundup: New apps coming to the iPhone

Apple announces a bevy of new applications for the iPhone, including those for eBay users, mobile bloggers, and baseball fans.

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Jennifer Guevin
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In March, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced an upcoming system for downloading third-party applications for the iPhone. At the Worldwide Developers Conference on Tuesday, he brought a parade of developers onstage to show off exactly what those new apps can do.

The apps range from monkey slinging to medical imaging and should be available sometime in early July (along with the iPhone 2.0 software required to run it), according to Apple representatives. Follow the jump to check out demos of each of the applications announced during the keynote speech. We'll update this post with more video demos as they come.

eBay's Auctions
eBay's Ken Sun showed off Auctions, a new app that allows iPhone users to track auctions they've bid on and see whether they've been outbid. They can also pick up photos from the auction listings and blow them up to full screen.

Sega's Super Monkey Ball
Ethan Einhorn of Sega showed off a new and improved version of Super Monkey Ball for the iPhone--complete with four monkeys and 110 stages.

Six Apart's TypePad
Michael Sippey from Six Apart shows off a mobile photo-blogging application from his company. Users can use it to create blog posts, or to update their posts with photos from the iPhone library or taken with the iPhone's camera.

S. Mark Williams of Modality showed off his company's application, which gives medical students detailed views of the human anatomy, including the heart and brain.

MLB's At-Bat
Jeremy Schoenherr of MLB.com demonstrated At-Bat, a new iPhone app from Major League Baseball that lets users access statistics and information about who's pitching and batting, as well as video highlights in near real-time.

Loopt CEO Sam Altman gave a preview of his company's free iPhone application, which blends social networks with the Maps application, so users can see where their friends are.

Moo Cow's Band
Mark Terry of Moo Cow Music demonstrated a new music app that enables users to create tunes using various instruments and the phone's touch-screen pad.

Digital Legends Entertainment's Kroll
Xavier Carrillo Costa showed off Kroll, a new game for the iPhone. Costa says his team built the game in just two weeks.

Associated Press news
Benjamin Mosse demonstrates the AP's new free iPhone software, which sends users local news based on where they are. The feeds are customizable and can be shared.

Mimvista's medical imaging
Mark Cain showed off Mimvista's new iPhone software that will allow doctors to download, colorize, and share patients' CT and PET scans, images that were previously only available in black in white and on physicians' workstations.

Pangea's Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally
Brian Greenstone of Pangea Software demoed two games: Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally, a racing game that utilities the iPhone's touch screen to steer a caveman's vehicle.