Video mocks Samsung's (lack of) design principles

Remember that video last week, offering Apple's deeply held views about design? Well, here's one that suggests Samsung believes in, well, cloning. Among other things.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Or just moaning? Colynn9/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Apple spent the previous days trying to restate its values and show that it is a company of principle, not one of fad or glut.

Some think the WWDC presentation was no revolution. Others believe it offered some sturdy indications of the right sort of obstinacy and of a consistency of design perspective.

In an attempt to reinforce that thought, Apple released a video (embedded below) that expressed its simple intentions -- not to confuse abundance with choice, for example.

I am grateful to The Loop for spotting that a wag who might have been positively moved by these thoughts and feelings has created the Samsung version of this video. Or, rather, the anti-Samsung version.

This opus appears to focus on the notion of imitation. Which some might find a little odd, given that the Galaxy S3 and S4 appear rather larger than the iPhone.

This video accuses Samsung of confusing convenience with glitz and innovation with cloning.

Most entertainingly, it accuses Seoul's finest of soullessly pursuing lawsuits, as if Apple had never, no, never considered using the law to massage home its advantage.

You may find this video very amusing or throw very large phones at it. You might merely look on and wish that Nokia phones had all the apps.

I don't know about you, but I feel certain certainties are floating in the air just at the moment, like tipsy butterflies.

Still, I feel sure that a Samsung fanperson -- should they have a name? Samsungites? Samsingers? -- will create their biting revenge video before the night is through.

Will it be glitzy?