Video: Import Web e-mail accounts into Gmail

Want to switch over to Gmail with all your old e-mail and contacts from a previous Web mail provider? We show you how with this simple how-to guide.

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Josh Lowensohn

In light of Gmail's updated e-mail import feature, which was released on Wednesday, we put together a short video to show you how to use it.

The good news is that it's incredibly easy. So easy anyone can do it. Then again, if you're new to Gmail (which is just the type of person this feature is aimed at), the process can be confusing.

We take you through the steps of entering in your old information, and what it looks like when the process is all done. To see this in glorious HD, head over to CNET TV.

Watch this: Import Web e-mail accounts into Gmail

If video's not your thing, here's a step-by-step slideshow that shows you how to do it:

Setting up Gmail to import Hotmail

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